[modern] Engine stalls

Hello fellows,

After driving away from some maintenance of my 90 Sov 4.0 yesterday,
I experienced at a read light that the engine stopped.
Turning the key again, It started again like nothing had happened.
This has happened once before - the last time I had the battery disconnected.
Is it something I can fix or do I just live with it?

The good news is that my thermostat is changed and my car is not constantly running cold or cooling down when driving downhill and my windshield wiper is now adjusted to park where I want it.
Somehow the connection between the ignition relay and the keyhouse had been broken. I installed another cable between them. The relay side the cable is a White/Blue and on the keyhouse side it’s Yellow/White, is there something connecting them?

best regards

Erik Bergman
90 Sov 4.0