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From: Craig Sawyers c.sawyers@tech-enterprise.co.uk

This is a snip from a guy on xj@ that I thought might be of interest to
those of us with injection harness problems.

thought I would ask is there a market for fuel injection
wiring harness’?

In line with this F/I harness problem, particularly as there appeared to be
quite some interest in repairing or replacing the harness but a lack of
original connectors etc., I have looked into the problem and have come up
with a kit that could benefit those that are struggling to get the right parts.

The intended kit comprises of a genuine fuel injector connector with the added
benefit and advantage of once clicking into place on the injector, if there is ever
the need to remove the connector (for testing or clean up purposes) it takes only
the pressure of forefinger towards your thumb to instantly unclip the connector.
The normal connectors can be a pain to remove (witness postings) and in some
cases end up in the connector being broken.

Together with the connector, an original boot would be supplied together with
two new terminals. The kit would be supplied in 6 connector packs.

If this would be of interest to anyone wishing to upgrade, repair or replace their
fuel injection connectors/harness - please contact off list.

From all the previous postings of this problem I hope that this attempt to rectify
a difficulty is well received.



Stephen Gibson
Supercat Jaguar Spares