[modern] Helpful people

To all you helpful people,

In response to the foul mouth “brain dead” which attacked Brett in
particular the other day. I would just like to say, as new member of
Jag-Lovers. Your not worthy of being associated with the Jaguar name.

I owned a series 2 Daimler Sovereign 4.2 about 12 years ago, unfortunately
due to redundancy, I was forced to sale my beloved Daimler. I owned one
small car for a while, then acquired a company car for about the last 11
years. The company I work for has now offered us a cash alternative to run
our own cars (My last company car was a late '99 Ford Mondeo Estate). I took
this opportunity to come back to being a Jag owner. In February this year, I
bought an '89 Jag Sovereign 3.6 with 113400 miles on the clock. I was aware
that this car had some minor defects (Heater fans not working, VCM Display
not working etc.) but this didn’t stop me acquiring my Jag again.
The point is that with the help of all you helpful people out there, I would
be chasing my tail for weeks looking for these faults. The whole point clubs
having members is for members to help each other. I intend to remain a jag
owner for many years to come, and as I acquire knowledge, I hope I can pass
this on to future new members. At the moment I am completely reliant on
those with a far greater knowledge than I. So everyone, carry on with the
advise however infrequent or frequent (Yes you Brett). I for one appreciate
all the help I can get. I do about 30000 miles a year, so I’m sure I will be
seeking much advise in the future.

'89 XJ40 Sov. (Sheffield UK) 115700miles