[modern] Miles per Gallon

Hi all

Reading the posts with interest as I have just returned from a long weekend
at the sunshine coast north of Brisbane.

As this was the first trip anywhere since buying the car I did not know
what to expect in this department - the handbook seems optimistic.

Anyway to make a short story long, I filled the tank until it overflowed at
the filler (unintentionally), reset the computer and set off.

This car is a British vehicle personally imported to Australia and the
handbook says that when the miles/Km switch is switched to miles the
computer will indicate consumption in miles / gallon. Ok.

The handbook goes on to say that when switched to Km the computer will
indicate consumption in litres/100km. That also is Ok.

Well at about 80Km from the start highway driving you can imagine my
surprise when the computer said I had used approx 3.2 litres of fuel and
was doing about 4.0 litres per 100Km or approx 56 mpg. If this was the case
then all the 4 cyl monster cars - eat your heart out - I had the best car
in the world.

On reaching my destination I could not contain myself I had to go and fill
it up just to see how much fuel it really took and was a little
disheartened when the expected 6.8litres used for 120Km turned into

Since filling it again it reads around 13 litres/100 or 21 - 22 mpg which
is in line with what others of you seem to be getting.

Why the first readings - I dont know - but it drove like a dream.

Have to fix / replace the HSMO hoses mentioned previously as it used a bit
of green blood.


Peter Cave
89 Daimler
Brisbane Oz