[modern] Re: Bulb Fail Modules


I don’t know where you are located but presumably not in the UK or
Europe and therefore your car does not have the indicator side
repeater lamps on the wings just above / behind the front wheels.

That being the case, here’s a wild theory. I wonder if the wiring for
those repeater lamps is still there but tied up? Where fitted, there
is a connector just inside the front wing inner valance where it meets
the bulkhead in the engine bay. On UK cars, the left side connector is
under the battery tray so on US cars, presumably the right side
connector is under the battery on those cars.

Did Jaguar fit a small resistance in to the indicator repeater circuit
to fool the BFM in to thinking that there is a bulb in circuit [as
they have when fog lights are not installed]? Could damage / corrosion
to that wire / connector cause higher / lower resistance and fool the
BFM in to giving a false warning?

Just some random thoughts on your continuing problem, Bill. I had
intermittent problems with the side repeaters on my car causing
spurious BF warnings - turned out to be open circuit [bad connection]
on one of those repeater lamps.

Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 22:57:12 EDT
From: Captflavor@aol.com
Subject: [modern] Bulb Fail Modules

I discovered a bad socket in one rear side marker on my 1988 XJ40.
I got a
new assembly from my local dealer and replaced it. I also replaced
all the
bulbs in the car: brake lights, directional signals front and back,
and front and rear parking lights, license plate light. Everything
works and
lights up, except that the direction indicator blinks at fast speed
for the
right directional signal even though the light blinks at the right
speed, and
I still get a bulb fail warning when the parking or head lights are
on, even though all lights are working properly. I was sure to not
use brass> based bulbs. Any suggestions?