[modern] Slow Coolant Leak

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besheer@bright.net writes:

O.K., I am mad now! I had a slow leak in the coolant system. I purchased a
“hose kit.” I just searched for 2 1/2 hours with a drop light above and
below the engine with it on and off. It drips when the engine is on, but I
cannot find the leak? It appears to be leaking under the engine


Have you already replaced any/all the hoses? Did you only replace the
radiator hoses? What hoses have you replaced so far in the area behind the
water pump, under the intake manifold, and the heater hoses at the firewall?
Slow leaks (several drops per minute) are usually at fittings rather than a
hole in the hose. They are most apparent immediately after shutoff (after
reaching normal operating temperature) because that is when pressure is

Try stopping the car over some clean newspapers after warmup, let sit for
about 5 minutes, and then see where the leak is in relation to the engine.
It’s probably somewhere between the water pump and the firewall on the left
side, but it can also run along the suspension or body and fall at some point
other than directly below the leak source, so you need to trace it upward
once you see where it is falling.

George Balthrop