[modern] XJR performance / alldata

Hi Charles !
and welcome to a wonderful place on the net !
You are the proud owner of a nice car the XJR…
check at the following link…
You’ll need bucks !

We are few people here who own such car. I guess 5 or 6 including myself

Please to share all the information you can gather on this model

About alldata.com: I’ve just registered (thanks Jos !) for the XJR
plenty of nice things (TSB, electrical wiring…parts and labor…)
$20 a year to access on their web site for a car only
I encourage you to register

If someone needs something about the XJR, feel free to ask me
I’ve just seen that one TSB about cooling fan fuse (that explain why the
coolant fan are on when ignition is switched !!) has been applied
but I still need to resolve the following trouble:
-idle speed too high (throttle spring to be changed)
-3/4 tank full when fully refilled (new fuel sender unit)
These are both coverted by warranty as some TSB has been created


87XJ40 Sov