More dumb questions

OK they may not be dumb just looking for opinions as i progress on my baby and like to get thought from fellow inmates in this asylum :slight_smile:
I want to put the biggest wire wheels and tires on my MKII BUT not going to modify the arches although I have put Coombs spats on the rear.
As I live in AZ need to put an extra fan in front of radiator (recommendations ?) Kenlow ?
Exterior being painted Carmen Red, what color interior and should I do colored piping and what color carpet.

Hell I know these are a lot of questions… Also not sure if I am allowed to put this here and I am sure the Saloon Police :slight_smile: will let me know but guys and Girls check out my You Tube channel ‘jagvette1’ for some fun with a MKII

AS always thanks for all your responses on this great site.


Many years ago I put a Hayden electric cooling fan in front of the radiator on my 1965 3.8S and have been quite satisfied with it every since. It is controlled by a temperature sensor that pokes slightly into the fins of the radiator then controls the fan via an adjustable potentiometer and a relay, It comes on automatically as needed and since I have it wired up to be live when the ignition is off, it will cycle on and off a few times on shut down to ventilate the engine bay after shut down reducing fuel vaporization from the carbs and AED.

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I have 215/70-15 tyres on steel rims , no body mods
Have a measure up and fit the biggest fan you can , worth reading about the spec , some push through more air then others , I would not go for one that fixies to the rad core , make brackets up !
As for colour , I would go with a light colour with same colour piping !

I am in AZ, have 205 Vredesteins on mine, small spats.
In Carefree, AZ if you want to check it. Have rack and pinion steering, and cooling fan like other note above.