More mystery pieces

I found these in a box of parts I took off of my Series 2 OTS about 30 years ago.

Anyone know if they go on this car? If so, where?

I have an S2 OTS and do not recognize those parts.

I’m not an expert but I think I have undone and redone just about everything over the past 10 years.

I didn’t think they were out of the car. I looked at the Moss and other vendor’s exploded views and couldn’t find anything like them.
Thanks for the confirmation.

Handles to carry the wads of $100 you will need. :laughing:

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They go inside the door and keep the glass from rattling. I know I removed and re-installed them but don’t remember exactly where.


Bob is correct, they fit in the bottom of the door and they keep the glass from rattling.

Are these unique to the OTS?

Good catch. I’ve had the doors off but did not undo that part. I think I can see it in this photo?

I do have a rattling window on the passenger door - make me wonder if that foam is still in place.

Just what you needed… A new task! :slight_smile:

But not now – I leave in the a.m. for Santa Fe and a week with some J-L cohorts.

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Enjoy… and ava brekkie burrito in my honor, at Casa de Sena!

Dunno, but my OTS has them.

Thanks to you all for the responses. I’ll make sure to hang on to them until I’m ready to reinstall them in the proper place, now that I know where that is!

My FHC had them.

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They also guide and cushion the long link that connects the inside door handle to the lock mechanism.