Mounting and connecting of a 115 amp Bosch Alternator?

Hi everyone, I’m really hoping someone might be able to help with my 1990 xj40 4.0 litre xj40 Sovereign.

Does anyone know or have an exploded diagram of how the 115 Amp Bosch is mounted and connected ?

On the lower pivot bolt there are 3 washers. I assume one washer goes directly behind the head of the bolt and the other washer directly behind the nylon lock nut, however, where does the third washer go ?

I assume the third washer acts like a spacer washer to take up the slack in the lower alternator pivot bush mount ?

Also, is the small nut on the back of the alternator just for the brown/ yellow wire from the “load dump module” or is there another wire connected to that terminal ?

Thanks for your time and any assistance you may provide.



Here’s a few pics that might help

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Thanks Larry, your a legend. I think that might be exactly what i was looking for, I’ll check it out tomorrow.