My 1996 Jaguar XJS has stalled three times in the past month


My 1996 Jaguar XJS has stalled three times in the past month. When starting and when moving slowly.
Since the automatic transmission made by ZF began to be used for Jaguar cars, the stall has disappeared and I have been impressed so far by it.
Does this phenomenon mean that the automatic transmission has deteriorated over time? (By the way, I replaced the battery, but the phenomenon is still lasting after that, too.)

Kind regards

Where are you located?

Can you tell us what was happening when the car stalled out? Was it at idle, or driving? Was the engine hot, or recently started?

I will automatically ask you when the last time the throttle body was cleaned. It’s not hard to do, but on these engines, the butterfly gets gunked up over time.

The reason I ask where you’re located is because the EGR can also cause a stall.

Do you have any codes? Do you own a code reader? Is your check engine light on?

Thank you for the helpful comment.
I use the car in Japan.
The stall happened only at driving. The engine was hot.
I think that the throttle body was not cleaned for long.
So I let my mechanic clean it and examine the EGR.
I don’t understand the word “gunked”.
I neither have codes nor code reader.

If your throttle body has never been services, meaning it has never been cleaned and the excess oil that drips removed, your TPS is probably toast. I would clean the TB and replace the TPS at the same time. You will need to have the cars parameters reset though

Slang for dirt or contaminants.

The TPS is a very expensive part. Let’s make sure we cross off the easy things first.

Let’s clean out that throttle body.

You mentioned there’s no check engine light?

If the car is stalling when driving it, and does not have the check engine light on, it can still be several things including:

  1. TPS
  2. ignition coils
  3. crank position sensor (CKPS)
  4. EGR
  5. Dirty Throttle Body
  6. Fuel Filter

If I was to start throwing money at this, I’d do #5 first, because its free if you can do it yourself. Maybe #6 as well, since it’s inexpensive, and should be done anyways.

The next thing I would do is #3. A failing crankshaft position sensor LHE1640AA is a common failure point on this engine.

After that, I would do #2, and change the spark plugs while you’re at it.

Lastly, I would buy the TPS…when you price it out, you’ll understand why.

If you had a code reader that could pull the LTFT, that could be helpful. All you need is an ELM27 connector for your OBD2 port and the right app for your phone. iPhone will require a WiFi based ELM27, while Android can take advantage of the Bluetooth ELM27. I believe Android can also use the WiFi, but I’d stick to bluetooth.

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If I may comment, my 95 xjs was stalling at traffic lights, car in drive normal temp, etc. I looked at my last 15 year maintenance history, and found the plugs, and coils, had not been changed since 2007! So obviously, I changed them, and voila, runs like a top. Just saying, start with a good check of normal tuneup items, then explore the weird stuff JC

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Do you have the 4.0L or 6.0L engine?
The 6.0 had a seriously expensive TPS over $300.
If that is your issue call me @650-455-1110.
Before I sold my Jaguars I stockpiled extras of lots of stuff.

If it’s a 96, then it’s a 4.0. TheTPS ain’t cheap for these engines either!

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