My car has no paint #

I believe my 1968 car didn’t list the paint # at production. I think the paint is called SANDY color.I’m getting inspired by Joey to paint parts of the engine compartment. Does anybody know what paint code # would match closest or do you get it matched with a photo taken as Napa does it.
Thanks Benny

Take in the fuel filler lid and get it color matched. It should get you a very nice match.

Are you familiar with this page?

Yes I am, that’s where I got the paint name SAND from 1963 and 1964 but my car is 1968.

The guy at Napa said they take a picture and match to a swatch. I wonder if I can give him a picture from my phone

In case it helps here is link to 1968 showroom brochure that shows all the colors that available.

68 E-type FHC

Or maybe this will work. The last frame shows all the colors.

68 E-type FHC

You don’t want to work off a photo. If you are simply trying to match the existing exterior color then paint jobbers have a scanner (for lack of a better word) that can “look at” your existing paint and spit out an appropriate paint code. Of course, nothing with paint is simple. In the day, your car was painted with enamal. What they will try and sell you is a urethane or maybe an acrylic enamal. It’s gets complicated in a hurry.

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What makes you think so?

What does your heritage certificate show?

My 68 certificate only states the paint as silver, no paint number or code.

That would be unlikely unfortunately.

My 68 certificate only states the paint as silver

So, if you don’t want to return to the original silver, pick a colour you like. Possibly one from the factor list is you care about ‘originality’.

Wuh boy… truer words ain’t been spoken!


Have you looked behind the instrument panel to see the color? JHT certificates weren’t always verbose in explaining color, “sand” would have been Golden Sand, nothing else close and many other colors names were shortened in the journals, e.g. Pale Primrose was just Primrose on some entries, there are more. It could easily have been silver but I would trust what’s behind the instrument panel rather than the JHT if there is doubt. And as the others have said, don’t rely on a photo.


It could be it’s Golden Sand from 1965

The USA showroom brochure I have from 1968 shows GOLDEN SAND to be one of the 12 available exterior colors. When I was at Goodwood a couple of years ago there was a Golden Sand FHC on display between the Chicane grandstand and the closest beer stand. I had to budget extra time on every trip since I could not resist staring at it for awhile. When all shined up it is one of the best colors on an E I think. Only a month until I get to go to Goodwood again. I hope that E will be back.

68 E-type FHC