My new project MK2 arrived yesterday!

All ready stripped , preparing the shell for paint , this one should not take me 35+ years :smiley:


Hi Ian where did you get the model from? Toy shop ? Hobby shop. Love to have one. I live in Australia.

E-bay David , I got it at a very low price as the paint had marks !
There is quite a few on there it’s 1:18 scare , that makes it around 9" 1/2 inches long

Well Ian when the 1:18 is together you can start on the full scale.
Peter B

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As it took me 35+ years to get the last one on the road , dont think I have enough time left lol
I just drive it now , and do the odd mod , looks like you have a bit more welding to do Peter .

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Oh yes, I was replacing timing chain in mine a few weeks ago.
It’s missing one rear combination lamp but body & paint is good ! :grinning:


Too funny! …………………

Your detail is not quite right LesioQ , hope you don’t mind me saying , but your battery is far too big :rofl:

Maybe Piotr’s electrifying it, a’la E-Type Zero or the Mercedes AAA

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Removed unwanted metal , cut away the spats , noticed it has Daimler or S-type seats :thinking:

Had a 3.8 E- type engine laying about so fitted that , more work in relocating battery to the boot :grin:!

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Like a bus , they come in 3’s :grin:

Wish the Mk1s’ were as available …

How damn many of these mini-MKs do you have??


Just the 3 , :smile:

Well Car is more or less finished now , just a few more details to do ,
Then build the garage it was found in !
The Garage was just outside Guilford , a chance buy by my grandad , as he was driving up the A3 he passes a garage with a few old jags in , so he stopped and was talking to the owner , who told him he had a car around the back that was up for sale , cut a long story short my Grandad brought it for £250 , and it lay in his garage for the next 55 odd years :grin:
A picture was found under the seat , I guess from its racing days :grin:
If only lol

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