MY94 split coolant hose under intake, suggestions on how to change it?

My daily driver 1994 XJ6 has a split coolant hose. Unfortunately it is the one under the intake manifold that leads from the back of the water pump and extends back into the port on the side of the block.
Anyone her have any suggestions on the easiest way to change this? I know it is sometimes referred to as the jesus hose because it’s such a bitch to change.

I have decided to try removing the air pump to see how much room that gives to access the hose.

No its the bastard hose, a real PIA to change with the inlet manifold in place, almost easier to take the manifold off. Give you a chance to clean the throttle body while its off the engine :slight_smile:

With the air pump out of the way, it’s not so hard if the replacement hose is softened in hot water first. Almost impossible with the air pump in place. Keep a few first aid plasters handy for your knuckles though …

I just cleaned the throttle body a couple or three weeks ago.

I got the split hose off. I was able to reach it after removing the air pump and three or four hoses that were blocking access from reaching the back hose clamp and rear connection point.

three to four inch split in the side of the hose. The other separation on the end is where I cut it to get it off.

Unfortunately I had to pack all my stuff away because it looks we are in for a serious rain storm here.
I’m working on this in the driveway at my house rather than over at my shop where I wouldn’t have to worry about rain.

Got the cooling system all back together on my 1994 XJ6. I had the actual URO replacement hose in stock from rockauto (part # EAC3454) but this hose is very small diameter on each end compared to the diameter of the outlet on the back of the water pump and the water rail inlet that bolts to the block. This makes it very difficult to squeeze this hose in place. Instead of using this hose I decided to go to an O’Reilly’s auto parts store and look around for a larger diameter hose that would have a similar set of bends in the hose. I found two different Gates hoses that would work. They are Gates part number 23067 (2004 Dodge Dakota lower hose) or Gates part number 23308 (1996 - 2003 Ford E350 w/7.3L V8 DIESEL Turbocharged engine upper hose and other Ford truck applications). These hoses both have to be cut down to the appropriate length for use on the AJ6 motor but by making this substitution it is WAY WAY easier to get the replacement hose into place. These same hoses can be obtained from rockauto to get a slightly better price but you also have to pay shipping.

Steven, thanks for this good info. The old jag-lovers.ORG site had a parts interchange section that was not very well used. Is there anything like that on the (now not-so-) new jag-lovers.COM site? If not, could there be?

My URO hose fit fine …lucky I guess