Mystery car Mark 2/340

Yes…I’ll consider get the certificate… thanks…

If you believe the head has been changed, there is a number stamped on the head in front of the front spark plug, that can tell us what type head it is and what model car it came from.
But as I recall at some point they stopped stamping a number there, maybe about the same time they stopped painting heads.
There are other clues by which we can figure out what head it is, and having that accurate information may or may not prove important to you, and may or may not affect the performance and market value.


AFAIK that happened later, in 1968 with the XJ6 and E-type Series 2 production. The reason may have been that unlike before, at the time they were using the same heads on all models, so no need to differentiate.

The earliest E-types with the head not painted gold were 2+2’s in the end of summer of 1966. So most, if not all 1967 cars had a silver/alu cylinder head. But still almost all cylinder heads get painted in restoration as most people think they should be painted.

But if the head in question has the engine number stamped it will tell which engine it originally was fitted with,


that makes sense … if it has been changed … it should not match the engine number

When I purchased my 1967 3.4 Mark 2 31 years ago, I brought it straight into a British mechanic’s shop for a complete engine rebuild, which I knew it needed when I purchased the car. Knowing little about engine color details at the time, I did not stop to look what color the cylinder head was when I dropped the car off at his shop. Nine weeks later, I picked up the completed project, which now, 51000 miles later, still runs incredibly well. Only when I attended concours events did I learn my silver colored cylinder head should have been painted blue instead of its silver color. Now, it would seem, perhaps it has been painted correctly all these years after all!


Yes, I am pretty sure they no longer painted the heads (streight port) in 1967. If they were still using some older type of heads and/or old stock they may have been painted.

In June 1966 the E-types still had cylinder heads painted gold. From July 1966 there were automatic S1 E-type 2+2’s with non painted/ silver heads. In 1967 most cars came with a non-painted cylinder head, but everybody paints them in restoration regardless if they originally were painted or not.

I know only one non-restored 1967 car over here (original owner) and it has a non-painted head. But it was a replacement, under warranty, but the owner said it was exactly the same when he got the car when it was new, :slight_smile:


Thanks for that info. I’ll give my mechanic the benefit of the doubt, and claim my car is now painted the correct color…


I want to clean and renew the head cilinder…some one have and share some idea…or some liquid to get a good finish…I want to do it myself…