Name that part! Where and How do I install this support for the Knee bolster in my '93 convertible?

I tore my jag apart a long time ago to fix it. Now I can’t figure out where this part goes, what it attaches to, or what the other pieces of it look like.

Please help me. I’m tryin’ to put my cat back together, and I need help with this part.

Here are the images. I believe it’s a bar to support the knee bolster on the driver’s side, but I can’t see what it attaches to, where or how.


There are 2 plastic clips on the back of the bolster that clip onto the bar. I can’t go tear mine apart right now, but hopefully the diagram will give you a rough idea

Thank you, that was very helpful.

I’ll post a couple of pics of where the parts connected, just in case anyone else has the same question.

Next is to mount the bracket that supports the fuse panel and multiple relays. I haven’t gotten it yet, but think it’s because there is a second bracket that I have to install that mounts to the blower motor assembly… if I recall correctly. I’ll work at it, and if I have trouble, maybe you or someone else can send me a couple of photos so that I can see how it goes back together.

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Driver’s side of car, under dash, on the transmission well, is a little nub that this bar goes over as shown below.

On the left kick-panel, I removed the piece of trim near the hood release lever (bonnet for you brits!), and found two holes that accepted bolts to secure the other end of the bar.

Then, just as promised, two clips on the knee bolster clipped to the bar, and the other clips connected to an existing bar, and viola! It was done!

knee bolster support 2

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Awesome! Glad you got it! :+1:

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Isn’t that the sump pickup tube for an XK engine?

I think it’s also a conductor’s baton. :slight_smile: