NDV molding and rear latch

I have a ‘57 Mk 7 that has been a long restoration. My career has taken me around the Midwest for a number of years, and he car has been slowly worked on in my Dads workshop. I’m close, or at least getting closer.

I have a rubber kit that I got from SNG a few years back, and right now I’m working on the non draught ventilators. I’m having trouble figuring out the right molding pieces for the different ventilator windows and the various sides. Does anybody have any pictures of the molding in place that might be helpful? I haven’t ruled out that I may be missing some items (I’ve had that issue with SNG in the past even though things were supposed to be a kit).

The service manual doesn’t have any support on this, and the SNG parts manual is too vague for me.

Also, I can’t figure out/remember how the latch for the rear ventilators attaches or works. Again, anybody with pictures?

I’m still hoping to get a little support on figuring out the molding for the ventilator windows. I was able to grab a few photos today of what I received and am trying to work with.

This molding makes sense for the front ventilator since it pivots in the middle, but I can’t tell how it’s pieced together around the whole window. In the ‘molding kit’ I received 5 of these pieces, some the mirror image of the others.

The parts manual I have almost appears to show the above piece for the back, but they are a much tighter fit in the channel, and it doesn’t seem right to me since the rear ventilator just hinges outward instead of pivoting in the middle.

Any experts willing to help out? Or anyone have any recommendations on who I could reach out to?