Need a 4sp/OD stick with shift knob. (Yea, good luck!)

Like to find an original shift stick with knob and switch for an overdrive early XJ6. Before I start looking at Volvos or MGB’s that use a similar set-up, I thought i’d see if anyone knows someone that’s parting out an old trans. It’s really awkward to use the Pep Boys switch someone bolted to the steering column.


Try eBay UK there are several sellers that part out xj’s.Its a great source for hard to find parts

I have a shift knob you can have for a nominal amount. The switch is available as it is a consumable. The gearstick itself is going to be hard to find as it isn’t a service item. It is fatter than the standard item on account of it being hollow to accommodate the wiring for the switch.

pm me if interested.

kind regards