Need a new headliner XK8?

(George Gallagher) #1

I just replaced my entire XKR Coupe headliner for less than $300.00 US. Go to Headliner World in the UK, email: to get more info. They make new headliners and sell them for $220.00 , shipping to US about 80 dollars. You can get it in with out removing the windshield without much talking to God. You have to remove the passenger seat and the rear seat to get it in. They give you a set of instructions to get it done. They send you extra material for the pillar posts. You have to have high temperature contact glue for the pillar posts, MMM makes it, available most everywhere. The pre drilled holes are perfect and it looks brand new when finished. Can’t tell it from the original. They may have something for convertibles, don’t know, good luck.
Cheers, gg