Need dash light bulb holders - jlm1928

Today I was reassembling my dash and as I was bolting the gauge cluster back in a couple of the bulb holders for the various indicator lamps fell out onto the floor of the car.
In looking at them it seems the small tabs that hold them into place as the are twisted into the back side of the gauge cluster broke off.
Then when I pulled the gauge cluster back out, I discovered that there are a total of five of these missing on the left hand edge of the gauge cluster.
Anyone know if these are still available?
The ones I have are a brownish orange but there might be blue-green ones available too but I don’t know if they are any different.

The short answer is yes, if not from Jaguar then from some electronic supply or lighting suppliers. Several years ago I replaced all of mine with LEDs. Here are links to my forum postings and pictures in the old J-L photo album:

Thanks Mike, I did find a place in the UK offering LED lamps and since they come in different colors, I was indeed curious about what colors of LED lamps to order. They have blue, red, green, warm white, and bright white. They do not have an amber LED to offer in the JLM1928 style of bulb holder. Were the white ones you used for the gauge cluster a bright or warm white LED? Unfortunately the pictures of your illuminated gauge cluster on the Jag-Lovers photo album are missing in action so I cannot actually see what the end result looked like after you did the work. Do you still have photos of that or can snap a current photo?

I don’t recall whether the white LEDs were the bright or warm white. I may have some documentation of which they where - if I find anything I will post it. But they are inexpensive enough to buy some of each to experiment with. If you haven’t already done so you might check out They used to have a good selection of vehicle instrument LEDs and they provide dimensional drawings and operating specifications to help you get the right LEDs. No affiliation other than a satisfied customer.

Here are some current pics of my gauges and center console, which I also fitted with LEDs.