Need help with IDS/ VCM to reset TPS AJ16

I am trying to reset the tps on my 95 XJS with AJ16 engine .
I have a VCM 1 and ids version 125.04 hooked to my obdII.
When I go to ids setup and configuration menu I only see the security option , thee is nothing to reset the tps.
basically I do not have a full menu.
my guess is that I need something named calibration files .
am I right?

Why do you have SDD 125 when you should have IDS 118.5?

The SDD will revert to LEGACY IDS when the car is not SDD compliant, so you should just use IDS.

Your car was even old by the time WDS was introduced so WDS would work fine.

SDD might have dropped some software in the LEGACY IDS for the REALLY old cars so the earliest version might be the best for you?


I used the 118.05 first and I had the same issue , that is why i uninstalled it and installed the 125 when i was keeping my fingers crossed.
so you think I should try 42 ?

Did you try ALL the options in the SETUP AND CONFIG tab???

Did you try the Special Apps??

The 1995 was technically NOT OBDII compliant. The first year MANDATE was 1996.

Jaguar did make the AJ16 OBDII compliant but the X300 was more ‘friendly’ to the WDS or IDS than the XJS. We always had the PDU to communicate with the XJS from the late 1980s to the last one.

It would be easier to mail you a DVD 102 to see if the software is compatible.
The DVD 42,43,101,102 are ALL 2006 issue.

The Google MY DRIVE is almost maxed out with Jaguar discs. I am allowed 15GB and it is nearly full.

I’ll see if there is enough room for IDS DVD 102.
It will be in the same folder as 118.5.

I might be a few hours before the file is uploaded.


There is only one option under setup and configure , that is THE problem.
what are the special apps , I am not aware of them.
your suggestion sound good .
Thanks again

I am very excited to share with you that I found out why i did not see the full drop down menu.
all I had to do was to lie to my ids and enter a 1996 xjs vin number .
this is a very valuable information.
It is too late here in VA to try it on the car .
I will be doing it tomorrow , please look at the beautiful drop down menu i have now .

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