Need help with ignition problem

I have replaced my ignition coil, my start, ignition amplifier has been converted to a gm model one off of a caprice, replaces spark plugs and nothing any ideas on what else it could be in at a loss

Did you mean to say “starter”?

Please describe exactly what this means.

Inside the amplifier this is a GM ignition module. Is that what you replaced?

Please describe the symptom. I am assuming you have a ‘no spark’ situation, yes? Also assuming you have a Series III car as pictured, with a 4.2 6-cylinder?

Do you have as 12 volt test light and/or volt-ohm meter?


It could be your auxiliary air valve or air flow meter , coolant temp sensor, or maybe even the ECU in the boot. You may wish to have the situation analyzed by a professional.

If he can find ne with the willingness ands talent to do it. It is old tech. no scanner or complex diagnosatic machine to find the fault code.

Its basics. Any IC engine needs fuel, spark, compression, each in the right amount and at the right time.

The diagnostic trail is to find which is incorrect. Then how to fix.

I prefer to start with ignition. Fat healthy blue spark at the spark plug? A wimpy yellow will not do,.


I agree with carl its just basics. find out those 3 things he described. process of elimination.