Need Trans Cross member and JTR manual

(Steved) #1

I bought a converted XJ6 series 2. It is missing the transmission crossmember. Anyone out there have one for sale? I am also looking for a copy of the JTR book. The guy who sold me the car said he found it very useful but he cannot find his copy. I guess it is stored with the tranny cross member he could not find!!

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #2

!. Where are you and your car?

  1. Is this the plate that JTR provided the detail to have one made?

  2. Is this the steel plat that bolts to the chassis that came with the car?

  3. I do have some leftovers from my conversion., Perhaps the steel plate that was original.

My car is an S3, but the plates might be alike.

If so, it is heavy and if nearby, a local pickup would be best.


If you need the stock plate and you are on the East coast, David Boger of EverydayXJ would be a better source.

Of course, Florence has his attention in more ways than one. He is in the Carolinas.

(Roger Mabry) #3

I no longer have the JTR manual. But I used it to make the trans crossmember for my '72 SII with 383/700R. But I modified their design to include cutouts for the exhaust. These photos will explain and may help you.
Easy to make and install with Grade 8 bolts, washers and nuts through the floor.

I tried to upload these to you on the other Forum, but it is not working properly.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #4

Yup. A “fancy” new feature drove my machine nuts!!!