New 2006 XK8 owner

I just bought a 2006 XK8 to replace my 68 E Type that I will be selling.
I hope this forum is as informative as the E Type forum as I will have
several questions from you guys.

Congratulations! Your newer xk8 has lots of performance and it is a luxury car on top of all that. I have a 2001 xk8 convertible and it is wonderful and so refined. Two things to keep in mind: you have to drive it, and you need to use a trickle charger on the battery, or have a switch installed to turn off the battery. I have one mounted in the trunk (boot) to turn off the battery. If not, the car will drain the battery just sitting there parked. Use the best premium gasoline you can buy, try to avoid those with ethanol in them. Like all older cars, you need to check your tires for wear, and the oil and water levels. I know it would be hard for me to give up an E-type, but I just did. Mine needed so much that I voted NO to fixing it up.


Thanks, all good advice. Waiting for the car to be shipped to Tucson from Chicago but with this heat I am sure they are not anxious to drive to the Southwest. I am installing some new interior parts on my E Type then it will go on Bring A Trailer for auction, probably next spring.


My voltmeter this morning decided to show full deflection to the charge side on my Series 1 /2 E Type. The battery shows it is at full charge.