New 2017 XJL bright RED

just seen my 1st new Jaguar XJL, bright RED, absolutly magnificent looks!

stopped my wife about 20 feet away, side view, and said what do you think of its LOOKS.

she rarely gets excited about cars, but she said WOW, very SEXY, when we getting one??


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Saw one, OTR, last weekend…verrrry nice!

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I have a 2016 XJ and would like to know if it can be used for light towing. If so do I have to buy the hitch from Jaguar or which company supplies the hitch.
One other question, does the vehicle have a roof rack available?

i’m sure it could do light towing, like around 1500lbs!
have never seen a roof rack on a newer XJL Jaguar, but anything is possible i suppose!
any good trailer shop could put a hitch on it!

The owner’s manual just says “this vehicle is not designed to be used as a towing vehicle.” On one level this is a “duh” statement–an XJ ain’t a pickup. The drivetrain and suspension should be more than able to withstand, say, towing a couple of jet ski’s or a small utility trailer. The bigger question would be whether you can find a hitch that will fit, as Jaguar doesn’t make one. You might look on the internet at draw-tight and other suppliers or pre-made hitches, though I doubt you’d find one. That would leave you looking to a local fabricator.

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