New (2021) Radios for Mk2

Does anyone have experience fitting new 21st. century radios to a Mk2 please ? Radios such as the Becker Mexico, or Jaguar Landrover’s own “Jaguar Classic Infotainment System in chrome finish which is designed to fit DIN-1 models.”

I have a 1961 Coombs Mk2 with the old positive earth “wireless” and cannot imagine doing anything that would offend the late great J.C. The magnificent car is now negative earth and the radio is, of course, disconnected. I’m interested to know if any cutting is needed or off-the-shelf bracketry is available. Can’t get access to the car right now, so cannot measure the original aperture, and I’ve found nothing by searching.

There are lots on the market , that will bolt straight in !
Retrosound Laguna Classic Car Sapphire Spindle Radio with Aux In RC900 VW Style | eBay

Many thanks Ian, looks like a useful portal to many possibilities.

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My solution, with far better siund quality, it to leave the period radio in place, and use my Ihone with direct radio channels playing what I want to listen to. Just put it on the pass seat or tge transm tunnel.
Works really well. Or upside down in my shirr or jacket breast pocket

There are radio repair people who will put modern guts including bluetooth and ports in vintage radios.