New Fuel tank is in

(Greg) #1

Got the new fuel tank in this weekend, all parts hooked up with all new hoses. Couldn’t believe it, started and ran first try with no leaks. And no more smell of gasoline in trunk!!! I think this was the orange yoga mat my wife no longer uses?

Car still runs pretty rough at idle with renewed ignition system and clean fuel, and it runs rich too especially when revving it.
Onto the fuel injectors!!

(Greg) #2

BTW, the wire splitting off the one to the fuel tank level sender that I’ve tucked up, what is that for? I know it wasn’t hooked up to anything on my car, has two weird looking connectors. Convertibles weren’t around yet, correct? Mine is an 88, manufactured in 87.

(WayneC) #3

Looks great, I know its a tough job (I know because I watched a shop do mine… I didn’t have the guts to try it!). Kudos.

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #4

Your main line out the bottom center of the tank looks different than mine did. That’s probably good news, because mine was leaky and the cause of my fuel odors. Yours has a question mark shape to it, while mine simply threaded into the right side of a block protruding from the bottom center of the tank. I also don’t recognize that black box the line from the tank seems to pass through on its way to the surge tank.

I see you took my recommendation and installed an inline filter between pickup and pump. In your layout, it seems to loop up pretty high. I opted to stay lower because this is the suction side of the pump, but it involved longer hoses looped around the surge tank.

I really like those springy things.

(Paul M. Novak) #5

That looks great!

I removed the fuel tank from my wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible a few years ago to inspect for rust, repaint the exterior of the tank, and replace all of the fuel lines in the trunk to get rid of the fuel fumes and refurbish/replace the trunk carpets and trim. It made a world of difference and eliminated the persistent fuel smell that other family members that drive the car had complained about.

Regarding that connector, I recommend that you post a picture. You didn’t mention the year of your car, but the Hess and Eisenhardt convertibles (and others) were available by the mid 1980s and the factory convertibles started sometime in 1987 or so.


(scrimbo) #6

Are you putting battery back in original place or is there some other scheme for that…my tank has that looped pipe at the bottom also…can you tell me what the cost of a new tank was and where…

(scrimbo) #7

that black box looking thing …if we are talking about the same part…is just a bracket that the hose goes behind to shield it I guess…mine is set-up like this car…except I no longer have the sump tank.

(Greg) #8

yeah, i was wondering about having the 1/2" hose from source to WIX filter to pump going so high vertically, can that put stress on the pump? How did you loop it horizontally around the surge tank? Did you cut a hole in that side panel (that pump bolts onto) so you thread it?

Yes, I will put the battery tray back in, I’m just testing for leaks right now, and to make sure I have the best setup. I’m also trying to make sure everything squeezes in behind that metal holder around the surge tank/fuel pump and the spare tire before committing to bolting down the battery tray and surge tank.

I got the tank from SNG Barratt for $550, and I have to say, it seems like a good replica.
I also got the two stainless steel lines from SNG Barratt - the tank return line, and the surge breather line. They were good quality too.

I have to say, wow Jaguar. What a tight fit for all of this!!!

(Greg) #9

So I took a second look, I really don’t like the huge vertical loop I have between surge to Wix to pump. I reread Kirby’s book, and now see how to loop it around surge tank, although that seems like a tight fit. Anybody else have photos? May need some more ez coils!

(Richard Dowling, 1979 XJ-S HE+5sp coupe, 1989 XJ-SC, 2003 XJ8 3.5L) #10

Like the look of the T piece covers over the flexible wiring conduit.
Not sure if they are a recent thing, went looking for them a while back here in Australia and no hits anywhere.
Do you have a brand name ?
No good telling the store name, we do not have the same stores here.

(Greg) #11 is where I bought wire looms in bulk, plus the T piece covers. Great selection, decent prices. Looks like they ship international if you have UPS.

(scrimbo) #12

Remember I mentioned that I eliminated the surge tank…my filter is in that area…Have had no difficulty with that scheme…less plumbing to worry about…I will try to see if I can send photo…

(Greg) #13

I may eliminate the surge tank one day, but for now I’d like to keep it in. I’m curious as to hard cornering without surge tank when tank is 1/4 full or less.

(Roderick) #14

Congratulations Greg! You are diligent!

(Greg) #15

Thanks Roderick!

Paul, here is someone else’s photo of the wires in question. For convertibles? i would like to cut them if I don’t need them.