New Jag need tips on where to start

Just bought a used 96 XJ6 off a friend of mine with less thank 95k on the dash. I’ve never owned, much less worked on a jag until two weeks ago. Anywhere I should start? Just installed two rear struts and have a new headliner that needs to be put in and I’m not familiar with how these cars are set up or what I will run into. Also needs a new pivot bolt bearings and sleeve I believe as there’s play there and I can’t remove the bolt on the pass side. Thank you in advance!!

Lots of info on Gus’s website :innocent:

Welcome to J-L you now have one of the best cars Jaguar have ever produced!

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Welcome and enjoy the ride!
Find a friend/shop to give everything a once over, make a list and just drive!
A set of Michelin’s and and oil change and go from there…
Bullet proof cars but still over 25 years old!

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This may be of help too:

Yes it does!!! I was trying to find one but only one I could find ended at 94 and then the model year after either 00 or 02 I believe. Thank you!!

I usually do all my own work on vehicles so I have an idea on where to typically start just nothing as in depth or certainly as interesting as this car lol.