New jaguar owner need help

my 89 xj6 put a battery in it and all lights and gauges were working then to digital gauges stopped working and i only have speedometer and tack light and a big orange square blinking to the right of those odometer and fuel oil temp and other digital gauges aren’t working any ideas did change all fuses but nothing still and my low beams aren’t working either only have high beams

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Unfortunately, you are on the wrong list. The XJ list is for the Series I, II, III, XJ6s and XJ12s. Your newer model is referred to as an XJ40. Try posting on the XJ40 list.


Welcome to the forum, I’ve moved your post to the correct one, not to worry its a common mistake. First off have you tried tapping the right hand side of the dash where the switches are? There’s a transformer (?) there which can develop dry joints from memory. Also can you advise where in the world you are?

i cant find any other fuses other the the one in the kick panel beside the door on the passenger and drivers side i didnt see any transformer ? were would it be ?

and thank u both for the welcome

It hangs under the dash switches.

If you can find a copy of the Haynes manual this is the very least that you need if you intend keeping this car on the road;

ok ill have to check that after work does it look like a glass fuss ? sorry dont know anything about it its my first

No not a fuse, the transformer supplies the power to the dash for the guages.

Ok thank i also have a jag mechanic as well he said that if there was a blinking square then I should reset the system take cables off for 20 mins the touch the two battery cables together for ten seconds an start as n drive it for twenty minutes at idle. Full throttle and normal so it can resink itself

Take a picture of the dash and post it here, that may help with diagnosis.

I will soon as I can need to take fuel filter off and change it change fuel pump but isn’t get fuel to the engine and I need the boot from the intake to the air control still yet