New member Series 1 XJ6 & XJ12

Just joined this forum, I am active on another but thought I could gain by the experiences of those here. Hopefully I can also help out form time to time. Last October just put my red XJ6 on the road after 18 years in lay up. Now have taken on a blue XJ12 which is in a thousand pieces. Thankfully I like jigsaw puzzles.XJ12 3

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Welcome, and you’ll find no better qualified gang of Jagnuts on the planet!

@Paul_M_Novak is one who I recommend.

Where are you, I have two V12 starters I hate to toss but am getting too old to lift!

Peter - I am in NSW Australia, a bit far to send starter motors. I have inspected this car but yet to collect it. Supposedly all the parts are there, but the engine and front end are completely dismantled. As a result, the V12 is probably a write off as all the piston rods are rusted and seized on the gudgeon pins. The car has been sitting for almost 30 years. I am off to collect the loose parts tomorrow. I will hopefully be able to assemble a complete front end, return and bolt if to the car so I can put it on the trailer to tow away.