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Allow me to introduce myself as a new addition to this mailing list:

David Quirt @Quirt_Dave

1958 XK150S 3.4 OTS (in need of lots of TLC, not to mention parts)
chassis #: S830465
engine #: VS1044/9
(now with a 3.4 Mk II engine - anyone out there with a VS
block and/or head for sale?)
gearbox #: JLS40444CR
body #: F15489

I have had this car since 1983 and as far as I have determined, the car has
been in the Edmonton, Alberta and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan areas since at
least the early 1970’s and may have been originally sold locally. When I
purchased it, it was a V8-powered basket-case, but I have not done much to
it except to bring it back to Jag power. Note that 350 Chev engine power
definitely fried the Jag overdrive (!!) but didn’t hurt the Moss box at all.
Again, is there anyone out there with a VS block and/or head for sale?

I also have:

  1. 1962 Mk II 3.8 (chassis # P216847DN, with a good body but with
    horrible leather and it is in need of a complete gearbox/overdrive)
  2. 1973 XJ6 S1 SWB (chassis # UD1L71087BW, engine # 7L63786) which is
    currently for sale locally to help pay for other Jag, MG, and Triumph
    repair/restoration costs

For the record, my other British cars in various stages of
drivability/restoration include:

  1. 1959 MGA Twin-Cam roadster (undergoing a slow frame-up - since 1985)
  2. 1957 MGA 1500 coupe (was very rusty and is now a V6-powered toy)
  3. 1962 MGB roadster (was abandoned but is one of the first 3500 cars)
  4. 1961 Triumph TR3A (another very slow frame-up of a car I drove while
    in university in the mid-70’s)
  5. 1964 Morris Mini 850 woody wagon (rusty but cute with a 1275
    all-synchro drivetrain)

Dave Q.

Dave Q.
Try looking in Hemmings. Several advertisers offering engines including one
in Oregon 541-770-5040.
Good luck
'59 150 dhc