New owner and New member--Salem OR

Greetings from “sunny” Oregon.
Recently sold my Mark 2 'lump" (350 Chev. with 700R4 transmission) and acquired a 67 Mark that originally ran a 2.4. Now very quick with a 3.8 and 4 speed 9with overdrive) in it.
hard to say which I prefer best.

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Welcome from a fellow Oregonian. You might want to update your information to show your location. A local shop in Eugene is de-lumping a green Mark II and refitting an XK engine.

Rats! Not used to the format and a trifle difficult to find info on posting etiquette!
Located in Salem Oregon…and yes, I know of Vintage Underground doing the work of de-lumping! Quite the feat I would imagine…
Thanks for the welcome.

Vintage Underground has a number of Jaguars under restoration but the one I am referring to is with the Sport Car Shop here in Eugene.

Thanks for the update John-- to be honest I am not familiar with the Sports Car Shop… I will have to check them out.
Meanwhile, first major outing for ‘Baby Blue’ will be to the Steam Engine festival in Brooks at the end of the month.