New owner, first post!

Hi there,

I have just purchased 52 120 OTS. The plan is to do a full restoration. Before I start the strip down in earnest, I have been doing a thorough inspection. The car is pretty much complete and doesn’t seem to have much missing and so far haven’t seen too much rot - although it will be there, hiding :wink:
The first item I spotted was that the oil cleaner assembly is missing. It’s a non-matching numbers car with a later 150 3.4 engine. What are my options for looking for a replacement? Does it have to be an assembly specifically for a 150 or can other models fit? Even better, if anyone has a spare they wish to sell please let me know.

The car only arrived yesterday, but I’ve started work on it already :joy:


52 XK120 Roadster
62 Etype Coupe
91 928 GT

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Simon when you say oil cleaner assembly are you referring to the oil filter and its-mounting to the
the engine is not running JOHN

Hi Simon,

Welcome to the XK forum. There is a wealth of knowledge here, as you probably know, and many folks who will give it willingly.

It looks very much like you are in the UK, possibly not too far from Manchester. There are at least three of us here currently restoring 140s (two in the West Midlands).

For the missing oil filter, you might find Guy Broad, Tom Kent or John Brown at Leaping Cats could help or even Barratts who do have some second hand parts.

The car you have looks pretty decent. A lot better than mine when it arrived from the US.

Keep us posted on your progress.


Hi John, yes, you are correct.

Hi Eric,

Yes, I’m in the UK but not too near Manchester I’m afraid - Surbiton, Surrey. I will certainly try usuals but will also keep my eye out for a used one on fleabay. Any idea what other filter assemblies will fit?

Actually Simon, you were correct first time around. The Jaguar factory does actually refer to the OIL CLEANER, COMPLETE, and for all XK150 is part number C.12776/1 and more relevant is a complete Oil Cleaner Assembly bought in from Tecalemit as their FA.2741/101 unit. An FA2741/1 Complete Assembly includes the main Filter Head Assembly, a Canister Assembly and indeed a Filter, albeit referred to as an Element.

But in your case, being now fitted in an XK120 there are a couple things you need to establish. An XK120 had a totally different Oil Cleaner Assembly, and they are not simply interchangeable with an XK150 FA2741/1. The main issues you need to establish is that the Filter Head Assembly is different in how it mates to the block you have, and also the sump you have fitted, with an XK120 Filter Head providing direct oil return into the block, and an XK150 Filter Head not returning oil direct back into block, but instead by an external rubber hose that connects to an external fitting on the XK150 sump.

You also need to ascertain which Oil Cleaner Assembly fits (at all, or best) into your XK120 lower engine bay area. Maybe someone else can comment how well or otherwise an XK150 Oil Cleaner Complete Assembly, and an XK150 sump does fit into an XK120 Engine Bay. I have never tried, but do see some potential problem areas that will differ RHD to LHD.


Have any neighbors, named Good?


welcome…That looks to be a nice 120…which will be even nicer as you work thru it. do spend lots of time in this forum archives…tons of info can be found by topic…use the manify lass at top riht of this pae…also…secure a few XK specific books…XK120 Explored…see other posts on this…and secure a full set of the Factory Technical Service Bulletins, as well as the Factory Service Manual. and the Spare Parts Catalo is helful. Acquire the spares catalos from a few Vendors…BroadSport, XKs in Calif… You may want to consider a spin on/off oil filter adapter/assembly . Nick

Welcome, Simon.
You might want to post a picture of the area where the oil filter goes, and also the oil sump.
Jaguar used a lot of different oil filter heads over the years. We can help identify which oil filter heads are compatible and which are not.
As I recall, some 150 blocks have one port blocked because the excess oil dumps through a hose into the sump, where on earlier cars it dumped through the front port.

Thanks everyone for the replies, I’m already feeling very welcome :+1:

Yes, from a distance the car looks quite nice, but it’s very tatty and rough around the edges. It’s certainly not full of rot which is a great relief!

Rob_Reilly - thanks for that pic, really helpful. This is mine:

Gives me a good idea as which assembly will work.



Hi Simon
hello and welcome. Good luck with your new project.

Hi and welcome , Jaguar made a few changes to the oil filter housing , this is a later 240 engine block , no reason my you cant use the later housing ,just miss a bolt out , or drill and tap a hole to add a bolt ! ,guess Jaguar thought a extra mounting bolt was better I used the housing off this and bolted it to a XJ6 engine ! , you just have to make sure you use the right gasket !

Always a few on e-bay !


Very nice car! Looks as if you bought it from BHCC in the states?
Have you considered putting a 120 engine back in it?

There is one on e-bay UK , but you don’t get much for the cash £2700

Simon ,could you tell me what the engine number of your 150 engine is.

No, you sure don’t, as that’s an early 140 block, oil filter and pump.

Thanks for the posts everyone, all really helpful :+1:

Dan - yes, I bought it from BHCC (my E also came from them). Always had good service from them and found them really helpful. No plans to put a 120 engine back in as it still won’t be matching numbers and the 150 engine is more ‘evolved’.

Morris Barnett - the engine number is V7049-8 with matching cylinder head.

I’ll try and keep posting pics of progress :joy:


As it sits, you need a filter assembly that has an external bypass to the sump.

You will also have to have a sump with a spigot for the return oil , it’s at the Right rear of the sump.

Hi Morris,

Yes, my sump is the tin version with an oil return at the rear.

Looks like you have a T5 box?? I have one on my Etype and it is superb! Would love to fit one to the XK. Planning on trying to buy a cheap US Mustang variant and rebuild it.