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For sale, New manual transmission wire harnesses for complete car with manual transmission. Color diagram included. I Paid over $1000.00, asking $450.00 delivered. SOLD

Pair of new mirrors 223-310 $58.00/pair SOLD

All Synchro shift knob… C23007… $20.00 SOLD

New Moto Lita B33 Steering wheel hub. Fits E-type, Mk2, series one Xj6 or 12…$65.00 SOLD

Front suspension poly bushing set 37-6012. Fits S3 E-type and Mk2…$60.00 SOLD

Brake line kit LHD Mk2 up to 1966 $100.00

Servo kit Mk2, XK150 and probably others LE10117… $100.00 plus shipping SOLD

Brake vacuum valve many models SOLD

Poly bushing set rear MK2 plus extras.$70.00

My prices are way below the vendors. My loss your gain. Buyer pays shipping.

Asking price (if selling): Various see above

Location:Rockford IL

Contact information: Private message

Cost of shipping (if selling): Paid by buyer

Willing to ship worldwide?

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

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I’ll take the clutch bearing and disc.

PMing shipping address for shipping cost



Did you buy out a warehouse???


No selling some of the parts from my mk2 project. It’s just time to let go of this project. I have a Triumph Tr6 that needs much less work I picked up recently and it only needs some minor mechanical work to be driving, instead of full restoration like the Mk2. Someday I will get a driving Mk2.

I’d like the brake vacuum check valve please.

Sorry it sold this morning.

i sent you a PM yesterday interetwwed in the wiring harness


I replied sir. It’s available. Let me know where I’m shipping and how you want to pay.

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i replied i can send you a shipping label as i have an account with UPS

I’ve replied. Are you still interested? I need to sell this stuff.

Hi Tim, I would like the shift knob. Just happen to be rebuilding a gearbox and he needs one for it. Let me know total with shipping and I can Paypal or send a check.

Make it $25 for the shift knob. PM sent

Hi Tim, sorry for late reply a busy weekend, i am not interested i was really looking for the wiring harness, and i dont really need the other stuff.
thx neil

No problem. I just don’t know what to do with these parts other than put in a bin and store them until I get in a cleaning frenzy and toss it all. Mk2 worst investment ever!