New Pressure Plate looks a little different - should I be concerned?

I’ve just got a new B+B clutch kit to install as part of the job that was outlined here: Another clutch saga - #41 by Dennismo. Thanks again to all that offered ideas and suggestions!

On the clutch pressure plate that I removed, the hub that contacts the TO bearing had a very polished surface.

On the new unit, the hub is smooth to the touch but there are machined circles clearly visible in the surface. Is this of concern or will this polish out as it’s being used?


If you look at the inner edge of the original pressure plate (is the area that was never in contact with the release bearing) the surface finish appears to be similar to your new one. So, the polishing is likely to come from use.

I put a new one on last year and it was pre-polished like a mirror
69 OTS

Just ride the clutch and presto plate polished :flushed: