New seat leathers

Replaced my seat covers. Paul’s Jaguar in Ft Lauderdale provided the correct color (Cream) Connolly leather and I had local shop do the installation. Looks and feels very nice. Great service from Paul’s


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Please see the PM I sent you.

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Did not know that. Thx Robin

Nice looking, JimD. If they had been black (warm charcoal) though, you could have gotten my unused pair for a lot less $$ :wink:

On a related note, seems that my driver’s seat cushion has been getting “lower and lower” of late … The other day I went to move the seat forward (via electric switch) to search for something under it and found this large black square of (rubber?) hanging down like a flap, scraping the rear seat floor mat with its edge whenever I moved the seat forward or backward. Is this part of the cushion, I presume? :confused: I guess the easiest way to fix things would be to just r/r the seat with another good-looking (Doeskin) one … ? I’ve seen it is kind of a PITA to separate the cushion from the squab after removing a front seat. :angry:

The black rubber sounds like the seat diaphram has busted loose and is protruding downward.

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Diaphragm ? :confused: What is the function of that part, and is in on the bottom of the cushion (I would think) ?

Yes it holds the cushion in place

This is the diaphram Paul’s lists for the late XJS.Seat diaphram

Not a bad price, either … :smiley_cat: So, it looks like if I remove the seat, the old one just disconnects (those metal clips) and the new one connects in ? No sewing required, and it will put the “lift” back in the cushion? :crossed_fingers:

I am looking for full interior for my 1990 XJS :slight_smile:

Sorry, but the front seat cover set I have will only fit '95-'96 MY XJS … :frowning_face:

no problem , all worth trying :slight_smile:

Check out Lseat. So far I am pleased with the product and price.