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No Paul, as I have never thought to fit one (done the fresh air vents though - amazing). I will ask and report back!

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Thanks! I love the vents in the radio console…brilliant design.

Clayton kit is £3,000 (~ $4,000) in the UK and includes all parts.

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Overall, not a bad price.

Out of curiosity, has anyone attempted to vent the AC out of sight under the dash? The original AC uses bolt on vents which, to my eye, take away from the simplicity of the dash and take up valuable leg room for tall drivers and passengers. If I added after market AC, I would like it to be out of sight as much as possible. The interior volume is not that great, at least for an OTS, so there should not be a need to have the AC blow directly at you.

Clayton offers several styles - one of which mounts the evaporator in the central console.

I have seen that. My preference would be to have it completely out of sight.

I’ve been considering installing A/A in my coupe so i’ve talked to these folk. The one in which the evaporator is enclosed in the console requires it’s removal or movement(?) in the event you need to get the transmission cover off I’m told. They do have one that is completely in the engine compartment I believe. It’s the one that uses all of the battery area, and ships that to the right side of the car.

I think Id be inclined to use that one.

Only available on RHD cars. It the recirculation version which uses the blanking plate holes in the bulkhead for the air. Battery goes where the air silencer is and that is replaced by the Mangoletsi ITG filter.

The E Type is a high performance sports car. They didn’t make them for girls. (slight smile) A/C robs performance.

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In hot climes, it makes the car usable, thereby adding performance.

Ask @Erica_Moss:grin:


Wimp. … I hardly ever used my AC in Houston.


Yea… Ive seen the kind of doofus you are…:yum:

They are making an all electric AC system for the older air cooled Porsche’s. Wonder if something like that might work for an E

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I’d like to see how that electric A/C system works in the Porsches. I investigated this years ago and unless you’re running a high-voltage electrical system (at least 24 volts and more like 48 volts) the amp draw is prohibitive for an automotive sized alternator. The electric A/C systems in hybrids run 48 volts or more.

There’s no getting around the fact that A/C takes horsepower to operate. Depending on the size of the vehicle and the BTUs needed to cool it, it can be a lot of power. So will an alternator be able to supply the HP needed to drive it, also considering the inefficiency of converting mechanical power to electric and back to mechanical instead of direct mechanical action?


I have what I believe is the radio console that allows for A/C. As I recall it is the one that has the round hole (I think for a A/C knob?) Take a look… Is there anyone on here that can verify this is correct?

I would like to be helpful. ??
I have 45yr of spares that I’m now getting ready to sell.

That looks like the center console I have in my 1979 with AC. The circle is for the cigar lighter. Obviously, it also has the speaker and radio cutouts.

It’s a tight fit with the factory or RetroAir AC in there.