New to the Jaguar owners club

I appreciate things with style no matter how old they are. This Jaguar sat for 10 years before I picked it up . Solved all of the fuel problems for under $10,temporarily until I can replace backflow valves, and tank switchover valve. Love it rides awesome.

Lots of solid advice on this site, thanks to all.


Welcome! you will love the car.

Thanks, knew I would reminds me alot of my late model German cars I’ve owned.

Welcome aboard. That is a really nice example of the pride…

You have a hndle on things, so the fixes will come a lot easier.


Nothing rides as well as a Jag sedan! No American sedan I ever drove could come close.


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Welcome Trent, you will love the car. Have a 78 xj6 since new.
Let us know if you have any questions.
Walter, in New Mexico

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Welcome to Jaguar ownership (especially the classics!) I have too many.
My first was an '88 XJS which I’ve owned now for 20 years; my second was an XJR-100 which is Ok. It’s a real head turner; very fast will pin your head to the seat. Literally! but doesn’t capture the wonderful mix of performance style and comfort like the pre-Ford era Jaguars.

Then my daily driver a '85 XJ6 Series III I picked 5 years ago. acquired a '74 XJ6 Series II SWB - not many of these left 5 the last I counted. I traded this one for parts; Then the fun began I’ve picked up a '89 XJ-S convertible, '87 XJ-SC, '86 XJ6, and my latest (18 months ago) '72 XJ6 which is pink. it’s featured on my YouTube channel Jag Mods.

All of these cars didn’t run and were picked up for cheap - just one step away from being crushed.

These cars are devine to drive once put back to their original state.

Welcome to the Family!

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Not sure if I have said this on this forum but my '83 XJ6 was literally in the junkyard already, it got there a few days before me and my father went down to the junkyard to find a project car so we could work a car together. This was back when my local junkyard allowed you to buy a car from them whole, but without a title. My father spotted this XJ6 and exclaimed to me that he used to drive one back when he lived in the Netherlands (he was born there). He always loved the car and has many stories of taking it to the Autobahn just to see how fast it would go. He also somehow managed to grenade its engine during one of those times. Anyways I loved the car at first sight so we purchased it and rented a truck and trailer and brought it home. It took us 3 or 4 years to get it back to good condition and get it re-titled and registered, but it was the car to taught me patience, mechanical knowledge, and more patience, plus I got to bond with my father. This car will never leave my family if I can help it. It doesn’t matter how much time and money it needs as it’s of great sentimental value.

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That is a great story, and thank you for sharing. I’ve got a laundry list of parts and resources. so I, as well as most in this forum, will be delighted to help you return your XJ back to its glory day.

Cheers, and welcome!


Hi, I would also like to thank you very much for your advice.



Welcome, good luck with the car!

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I’m reminded of how handsome the XJ6 was (up to 1987): IMHO, the body style has stood the test of time well.


Very comfortable and a lot of people look back :šklebící se:

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Through the miracle of the Universal Translator…grinning, indeed!


Or even up to 92 with the double six and V12: welcome, and yes this one looks very nice.

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