New XF owner looking for best scan tool

Purchased a 2018 XF S Sportbrake with 58,500 miles.
Want to purchase a scan tool, but which one is recommended?
Or is Jaguar like Porsche and Mercedes, specific make scan tool?

Thanks, Patrick

Patrick, it depends on how serious you are about car repair. If you simply want something to read and clear codes, any of them should do the job. If you’re interested in doing some more serious repairs, you’ll probably want to get a more professional scan tool. Unfortunately, most of them require you to pay for yearly tool software updates. I’ve been looking at the Autel tools, but haven’t bit the bullet yet. Even with the best tool, I believe there will be some things that only a Jag dealer can do.

Thanks Brett.
I checked the online reviews of the Autel, sounds good. It cost $200 from Amazon.
I also reviewed the iCarsoft which looks to be just as good with a lower price.
There is one called Toad which looks to do more but price is $300.
I have used iCarsoft on previous cars I owned, Mercedes and Porsche. It did everything I needed.