New XJ40 owner - lots to do but not a clue

G’day. Very happy to be back with my Australian XJ40 after lockdown in the UK. Wonderful car - smoothest ride I’ve ever had. Mechanically sound. Excellent bodywork given age - a little rust in a couple of spots. Nothing major needs doing, just a few little things…

The trunk linkage seems to have ‘popped off’. No idea how to open. perhaps a coat hanger through the small hole behind the number plate.

The central locking is dodgy. Only the drivers door unlocks with the key. I’m having to leave it unlocked just in case that lock goes leaving my stuck outside.

Also… the radio failed when I was going through the security procedure (tune to am, tune to fm, press button etc.).

Can I ask. Do you have any ideas regarding the above. I love this car so much I’m hesitant to do anything that my make things worse. That said these are minor things. I feel like a captain of industry when I’m driving it, even though I bought it to cheer myself up on becoming unemployed. Perhaps not the wisest purchase when cash is short, but surely the happiest.

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G’day Stewie …

Chin up I’m sure there are much better times ahead (but a Jaguar XJ40 is a great way to lick your wounds :smiley:)

As for your central locking system. What happens when you get in, shut the door, and operate the
door lock stem? Do all the doors lock and unlock? How about the door lock button above the radio. When you push it do all the doors lock?

I’ve found that when the central locking system gets confused and starts acting weird on my '89 that if I get in, shut all the doors, and operate the drivers door lock stem up and down a few times it resets the system.

I’ve never dealt with your trunk lock problem but from everything I’ve read the only way in is through the
holes behind the license plate. There certainly isn’t any way to get in through the back seat.

I love that “california sage green color”, so unique…

G’day - yeah I love it. Being british by birth I’m used to seeing 30+year old cars with rust. The aussie climate and a careful owner has kept this one beautiful

I’m going to go into the trunk through the rego plate. My local mechanic (a kj6 series iii owner) tried this half-heartedly with a screwdriver. Sparks literally flew so he backed off a little. I’ll have a go with a bent coat hanger but with the battery disconnected first!

best wishes, S.

Youll get it, if not youll get a curly hair doooo :slight_smile: