Nicely done, Mr. Callum!

(Paul Wigton) #21

All a good conversation: this is what makes it a horse race!

(ronbros) #22

Hey phil, you got a GOOD memory!

(ronbros) #23

Theo, pic of my Hot rod, personalized with attitude, made 355hp at the wheels, also 3395lbs.


does OK at acceleration , picwild%20cat%2Cburnout%20006 .

(Robert Wilkinson) #24

Sorry if I missed, but the asymmetry is intriguing (plus RHD in the US). Why the difference in wings/headlights? Just curious.

(Ian) #25

All MK’s always had outboard brakes !

Specifications 2. Repositioned in chassis to improve lubrication, cooling and fuelling

I guess they are talking about the Engine , cant see moving it would improve lubrication !

I wonder what the cost was , other side of 100 grand I would have thought .

Think he would have got more respect if he just restored it to as new condition , yet they are 2 a penny , so guess he just Wantead to be diffrent , well he did not quite make it , it’s still a MK2 Jaguar , there is a Magazine out for such cars :sunglasses:


Mk2 by Callum Classic Car Restoration, Classic Motor Cars restored this Mk2 by Callum into a beautiful show quality example

Long as it’s a Custom car show :joy:

Ps , they are making a few , yours for £350.000/£375.000 !!!

(Paul Wigton) #26

I wondered about that, and completely forgot that Mk IIs had outboard rear brakes… a senior moment!

I have zero issue with what Callum has done with his Jag: I am a bit surprised at the viciousness some have expressed about it: then again, Im not surprised.

(David Langley) #27

I think the point about the “new improved” outboard rear brakes is in the context of the fact that the car has independent rear suspension WITH outboard rear brakes. The Mk2 didn’t have IRS, and when they added it to the 3.8S-Type it came with inboard rear brakes.

(Pete55Tbird) #28

Silly me, and I always thought having the brakes INBOARD was to lower the unsprung weight and thus
improving the handling of the car. What a concept.
putting the brakes outboard is far cheaper.

As to the car, its his car and his money but I question his taste. Pete

(Paul Wigton) #29

On a street car? It’s of minimal effect, at too high a cost.

(Jag-ur) #30

But Mr Callum fancies himself as a boy racer… But a rice rocket buddy!

(Paul Wigton) #31

He does? You’ve personally asked him?

(TheoSoares) #32

:rofl: :rofl:

rice rocket??

I’m unsubscribing from this thread.

(Pete55Tbird) #33

ARE you quibbling?

20 charactors

(Paul Wigton) #34

Not quibbling: on a street car, with the mass of a Jaguar, with heavy wire wheels, any positive effect from the decrease of unsprung weight, as a result of the inboard brakes, is nearly insensible, in any reasonable driving mode.

(Paul Wigton) #35

Understand, but would ask ya dont.

Imma old fart, but have a MUCH more open acceptance of modifications, like this.

I still think his choice of an iconic MKII, keeping the looks quite close to the original, is a tasteful, reasoned restomod.

(ronbros) #36

the head lights are LED hi beam, and projector low beams!

what are wings mean?? you do know i’m a YANK…hehe.

also i do respect the work and mods on that old Jag, and of course Ian Callum!!

(PeterCrespin) #37

Looking for something else and I just saw this,

A few months after the media launch I saw this car at CMC. Th one detail that looked a bit amateurish in the launch photos were the plain flat trimmed slabs of plywood that formed the sides of the center console. I’m guessing they had a pre-arranged launch date and just ran out of time or were let down by a contractor. By the time I saw it, there were much prettier and professional-looking console sides that were shaped instead of flat slabs.

There was another change that was good or bad depending on your point of view. The good news was a major reduction in unsprung mass at each corner, front and rear The bad news was a major effect on acceleration and top speed, or any speed, due to having no wheels

Apparently there was a problem with fouling and/or geometry with the first set of wheels and they were removed to be revised some way or other. I didn’t probe too hard as it was obviously an embarrassment. It was either at the same time or very soon after that I heard he was selling the car…

No biggie when you design a new one-off concept, or a heavily-modified original. You never quite know how it will work until you try. Jaguars weren’t always perfect straight off the drawing board.


(john schwamm) #38

Beacham does a modern version with supercharged Jag engine, independent rear. A bit too modernized on the inside for my tastes. I like the vintage interior on originals, new seats, steering wheel, big mirrors are not very vintage look. Exterior is pretty much stock otherwise.
Must really perform with supercharged engine and modern independent rear.
Any one seen one? Or have info on costs, performance, etc.?

(PeterCrespin) #39

There will be a JJ story soon about a US version. An XJ-C fitted with a V8 XJR engine, seats, console etc. Basically an XJR8 in an XJ-C skin. Made by a Jag oufit in CA I think, who learned a lot and are happy to make more.