Nine Lives CD.ROM

Hi Guys,

This is my first post and its for help. I have just imported an XJS 5.3 Convertible from the UK to Australia.

The car is in super condition having only done 63k miles.

my problem is the car has no catalytic converters so need to upgrade. after weeks of reading I’m a little more informed but more confused. From what I have read my car will be comp ratio 12.5:1 but need a DAC 4585 ecu which is from the 11.5 engine. Which they say fits but should not be used on that engine. However elsewhere it says this ECU can be modified and indeed some did come with engine management sensor links. So which direction do I go in.

Then having determined this point I need some additional harnesses and or wiring modifications. I have ordered the Jaguar Electrical manual but again experiencd is better than reading.

The Cat I think will be the easy bit thats assuming no body work difference between models.

Finally can any body give me a contact to purchase the NINE LIVES CD.ROM as I have had no success so far.

Hello to all members Ill keep you updated.


Wow, good timing, Phil, as I had just run across my copy of the CD that I had put away many years ago in the back of my desk drawer and forgotten about. I was going to offer it to anyone that wants it, so long as they agree to burn a copy of it and forward the original to any other member that also wants a copy of it, to do ditto. However, I want to be sure first that this would not tread on anyone’s copyright interests. This CD is amazing, btw, in that it has so many useful JLers articles complied on it by some of our more distinguished members (e.g. Ed Sowell, Kirby Palm), past and present, in regard to the XJ-S. :open_mouth: In fact, I was going to post on it in a few days to let others know of its existence. Amazed it hasn’t come up for sale again (with possibly updated info.) since it originally came out, btw.

How did you become aware of the CD, being a newbie, btw? :question:

I came across Experience in a book with a Google search. Found it was amazing and thought about downloading and printing it off then noticed it was available in Nine Lives form. Would still love to print it off though.

Welcome on board, Phil!

While the engine and engine management system are more or less identical for respective xj and XJS model years; bodies are different. Which may have some bearing on cat converter fitting. So you should also contact the XJS list…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Many thanks Frank. Will do