No Interior Lights (Driver's Door) 1983 XJ6VP

The interior lights on my 1983 XJ6 work perfectly on all doors open EXCEPT for the driver’s door. I replaced the plunger from a working door, but no joy! If I run a wire from the purple/white wire from one of the other doors to the purple/white wire on the driver’s door, it will work. Therefore, there is connection problem with the driver’s purple/white wire. Where do I start?



First check that there is power on the driver’s (disconnected) door’s purple/white, Richard. Then ground the wire - light should come on; as it should via the opened door’s switch.

Circuit logic; the lamps themselves are powered door switches grounds them - not the other way around.

If grounding the wire works, but the switch does not; defective switch - clean?

The door switches are on a bus with a lot of wires - precise routing unknown; if the driver’s door switch wire is disconnected from the bus - disconnection may be difficult to find. Any other door activated functions that is not working?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Check the fuses, there are two involved.

If all the doors turn on the interior lights except for the driver’s door, could one if the two fuses be bad? I found one fuse in the main fuse box. Where would the other be?

Where does the purple/white wires from all the doors end up at? I seem to remember it is a junction box near the “A” pillar below the steering wheel (LHD).

Thanks Frank for reminding me the purple/white wire is really a ground!

The second fuse involved is at the passenger side fusebox.

Principally, the interior lamps are fed purple, Richard - and the lights’ ground is purple/white wire; starting at the interior light. But depending on equipment level purple/white may pass through ‘modifying’ components, like a delay relay.

There is no separate fuse specific to the driver’s door ground - the fuse is in the purple feed wire…

The main point is if there is power on the driver’s
door switch - test as advised…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)