No voltage fuse 1&2 (lights) on S2 E type 1969

Lights don’t work on my just purchased 1969 XKE S2. There is no voltage on the dip switch and no voltage on fuses 1&2. When I sort circuit it they work. Is there a light relay in this model because a hear a relay click when I turn the double light switch but I can’t locate it.

I believe the lights are un-switched. That is, they work without the ignition turned on. Check to see if electricity is getting to other un-switched fuses.

If so, the “disconnect” is very local to the fuses box. Or, even more likely, a dirty connection to the battery end of the fuse.

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Checked all connections ,all is well just no voltage on headlamp fuses

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As a new owner I expect your playing catch-up but at your earliest convenience you may want to get this:


A really excellent reference with separate diagrams for each subsystem as well as the usual over-all schematic.

Are you using a VOM or a test light? Sometimes a dirty connection can fool a VOM, but not a test light. Are you checking voltages on the end of the fuse or on the metal contacts that the wires connect to? There are some rivets attaching extra terminals to the fuse ends, these rivet connections can go open circuit. All brown wires should have power all the time. White are ignition switched and green are ignition switched and fused. Red are lighting.

Rob - I have sent you a PM (private message) with a diagram that may help.

The headlamp wiring is somewhat counter-intuitive (for me anyway) and is best understood with a diagram.

One thing you might also check is whether the ‘flash-to-pass’ function works (pulling back on the turn signal/horn stalk). That can be a clue as it only shares some of the switched wiring.

If you hear a relay click when you turn on the double light switch, then your car is not wired in the standard per-factory way. As such, factory wiring diagrams will only get you so far. I’d start at the headlight switch and work on from there. The Brown wire at the switch should have +12v at all times. The Blue wire from the switch should have +12v when the switch is ON. Trace that wire - it should go to the Dip switch… Good luck, and please let us know how it turns out. Welcome to the forum!

Thanks I will, don’t have much time to work on it but I will keep you informed

I posted this a while ago and it might help. The other thing I would suggest would be to invest in a Power Probe. You can see them in action on Youtube. The cheapest one goes for around $50 dollars but well worth it.

Thanks for the help David ,it works now.

Hello , already solved the problem thanks to this forum, thanks!

Thanks, it is on its way.

What did you discover as the problem

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