Non starting in P position

Hi, has anyone experienced problems starting when the gear lever is in park position? Starts in N position but not P. Not used the girl for a long time, finally started the engine after having the injectors all cleaned, but rear brakes are seized. Managed to get her to move out of the garage, brakes still seized on but now will not start or operate starter in P position. Any thoughts

Maybe your lockout switch for the transmission switch lever is bad? But sometimes just sliding the transmission selector back and forth a dozen times (with engine off, don’t need to actually change gears) will ‘clean’ the contacts and get it working again.

My rear brakes were seized too, I sprayed PB blaster on the calipers, and drove it a bit with a lot of braking, and they got better. But mine had been sitting for years, ended up replacing rear brake pads and full brake fluid flush to get them releasing 100%.

What year ?
There is a microswitch at the gear lever,under the center console, it might be misaligned or failing.


Since these cars have been made from 1975 to 1996 there is no specific answer because several park/neutral switch systems exist.

good luck


Greg, Hi,

Thanks for the info’ i’ll give the gear lever shuffle a try. The brakes, I have decided to drop the back axle and replace everything.

Aristides, Hi,

Thanks for the info’. She is 1992. I wondered whether there must be a switch. I will try the options.

Bob, Hi,

Thanks for your time, you are probably right, I will work through the suggestions.