Not a Jag, but....!

Other than the fairly obvious differences of a car on the other side of the planet, and the massive turbo it must have, this is the view I had out of the cockpit of my 1200. And you’ll notice the cars secret weapon is its incredible ability to handle.

I forgot to mention that all up and soaking wet, the car weighs just a little over 1800 pounds!

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The car needed a big turbo just to carry that persons Cahoonas, some of those early gaps didn’t look like they were there!

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Another feature of the 1200: it’s a tiny little car!

Dude musta’ missed qualifying! I lost count of how cars he passed. Reminds me of the oval tracks that toss a coin to invert the starting grid, putting the fast cars at the rear. Hugely popular with the racing fans.

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Not only that, but cars with easily twice the displacement of the little tiny 71 in.³ Datsun!

Having a hair dryer on the engine certainly doesn’t hurt… :slight_smile:

That was terrifying to watch!


I’ve followed you around Austin…:face_with_spiral_eyes: :wink:

I just watched it again, wishing for Lotto winnings!

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He saluted the driver in the blue car which passed him, then the blue car disappeared into the distance.

He’s a beast, who obviously knows the track blindfolded. As noted in the comments, look at 6:55 ish, he’s using the throttle to turn the car DOWNHILL.

Very fun, you can see him struggling with brake control through the wheel on big clamps, but he combats that by hardly ever using them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Brakes are for pussies.


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Paul, tell that to the Mercedes drivers (and the Jaguar drivers) in the 1953 Le Mans when thd 1953 Jaguar C-Type drivers had the advantage of disc brakes and smoked the Mercedes and other cars going into the corners so far before touching their brakes.

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You might’ve missed the humor in my statement,… :slight_smile:

In fact, my race car had 240Z brakes and calipers on it. Much, much better than the puny little 1200 brakes!

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I once towed a MG Miget, when he braked he almost stopped me quicker than the standard XJ40 brakes, his had been upgraded to MGB discs.

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