Not my day... %$£&!"

yesterday my to do list was:

repairing boot light

repairing door mirror mechanism (the mirror motor whining but no movement of the mirror left right)

for half an hour searched the boot light switch without any success… can someone send me a photo of where is located? i looked everywhere…

then i tried to remove the mirror … and of course i broke it… i will replace with an adhesive one because the original mirror it too much expensive and i decided to give a rest to the car … as when i try to fix something, something else broke :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear about your bad day. I am guilty of impatience leading to frustration. Might I suggest asking for advice before you break something next time? I ruined an engine before asking a simple question that had a simple solution.

People here are very helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to help. A little more info from you and an inexpensive used mirror may even be located. Good luck.

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you are right. I asked before how to remove the mirror, but i failed :frowning: maybe i used a wrong approach.

Andrea, referring to your initial post about the boot lock issue:

Boot opening system - #9 by Mike_Stone?

Did you verify the bulb is good, and test the switch as I suggested?

Mike , i cannot find the switch… i looked around the boot but did not find anything that resembles a switch.

May I know what this mistake was? Im curious

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It was an oil pickup on a 1.3 liter Suzuki engine. It came out of a fwd and I was installing it in a rwd car. I got the oil pan from a Suzuki Samurai and ordered an oil pickup to fit the Samurai pan.

It didn’t look quite long enough. I called customer service to this Chinese company and spoke to a man in India in almost intelligible English who assured me that it would be fine.

It was a little short and doing a lot of cornering the oil pump became an air pump. Could have posted a picture to the Samurai forum and been straightened out.

ahh i see, not fun… thanks for sharing

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Andrea, the issue with your non-working boot light is being discussed in two different threads (topics). To avoid further muddying the waters I am going to reply to your original post (Boot opening system) wherein you mentioned this issue.

When in doubt give a shout out.