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Where can I purchase Headline cloth for my 98 XJ8/ thanks Vince

Hi Vincent, no help on where to purchase your fabric from but welcome to the forum. It will help other listers if you can place your country flag next to your name, you can do this by going to your profile.
For instance I’m in New Zealand and where I purchased the fabric for my S11 XJ6 will probably be of no use to you :slight_smile:

Just make sure you use 3mm (1/8") foam backed fabric. Any thicker and you will have trouble in certain places. (ie. the sliding roof panels)

BMW used to sell the fabric and many people used it because it was a VERY close match the the X308 material.(Jaguar only sells the headliner complete)


Sorry, from the USA, still trying to work this out. thank for the response. the interior color is oatmeal.

There are only two headliner colors for the 1998MY X308, Oatmeal and Nimbus Grey.

Here is the 'A" pages document for reference.

X308_1998MY.pdf (976.2 KB)

I simply go to the local automotive upholstery shop…most every town seems to have one…and have them order the material for me