Not sure what to replace (knocking in rear)

Hey guys, what’s up?

About my 1993 Daimler XJ40:

I also have the knocking sound in the rear end from the shocks (i think) when going over the slightest bump in the road.
I have to replace my shocks because they are old and weak, so i will replace the shock bushings automatically.
Should i replace the spring tower bushing as well? (spring isolator)

I promised to show my collection so here it is:

And the latest buy a $650 winter Daimler:

If the DAMPER isolators are disintegrated, then the SPRING isolators likely are also.

I replace ALL when I remove the dampers for maintenance.

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And with all you mean the damper isolators and the spring isolator?

Replace everything at the top of the shock except the steel top hat, however if the bushes have been disintegrated for a while you may find that there is damage to the locating diameter that will either require welding and reshaping or a replacement top hat. BTDT.

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