OBD2 reader recommendations

Not that I need one right now, but I’m curious and you never know what gremlins this car will develop in the future.
Does anyone have any insights on which OBS2 reader currently is best for the F-type ?
Cheers … Ole

On recommendation from a non Jaguar owner I have ordered the Lemur BlueDriver.
It should arrive today and I actually have an engine error symbol to investigate.
I’ll report my finding later.

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The OBD2 scanner arrived as promised by Amazon.
Really simple to install and pair with my iPhone.
I immediately read an error and tried to delete it. It turns out it can only be done when the engine isn’t running. But, stop the engine and turn on the ignition and I could delete the error.
Error code: P0042, HO2S Heater Control circuit bank 1 sensor 3.
Since this does not seem to be a critical component, I’ll keep driving the car and expect the error to show up next time I start it. If it does I’ll have to troubleshoot and maybe search for the part online.
If the error doesn’t reappear, it was probably just a glitch.

AFAIAA, that is true with all OBD-equipped cars.

Good to know. Thanks.
I was led to believe is was the exception, based on the text on the app.

I have an error code listing a temperature sensor being the culprit.
Is there a website or documentation that can help locating the part in this jungle of an engine compartment ?